New York, NY, United States
Mortal Veil
Makeup : Roque Cozzette
Model : Brittani Kline
Photographer : Harold Julian
Having the muse of inner-beauty, Roque Cozzette created mod inspired fashion story. This muse featured Brittani Kline. She brings an embracing light to the set and personality is upbeat, can-do and filled with laughter. Brittani is an improv model and exemplified why she won ANTM, Cycle 16. Her soft, romanticized, and elegant posses defined the story told in each frame. Roque Cozzette had the great pleasure of creating a fashion story, highlighting natural beauty featuring Brittani. Working with photographer Harold Julian and stylist Darryl Glover, Roque’s fashion story flowed graciously into each shot.
Products Used
Artist Comments :
Infinite Makeup Shade: G3 Infinite Makeup is high-definition technology meets natural, skin-enhancing ingredients in this exquisite, all-inclusive foundation and concealer in one. Infinite Makeup delivers revolutionary coverage, texture, and a phenomenal color target system, while the antioxidant-rich formula calms acne and hyper-pigmentation while it beautifies and hydrates. Infinitely beautifying.
Artist Comments :
Eyeshadows used: Pebble, Oceanic Face contour: Taupe For Contour
Artist Comments :
Mascara: Fast Lash in Black
Artist Comments :
Lipstick: 08-Blush
Artist Comments :
Lipstick: 06-Coral Fire

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