New York, NY, United States
New York ComiCon 2017
Makeup : Trisha Bordeaux
Model : Kimmy DeAndrade
Photographer : CJHCapture
Hired to be a personal assistant, hair stylist, and makeup artist for three local cosplayers over the course of four days.
Products Used
Artist Comments :
Always a go-to especially when I do not want to dull the cream contour.
Artist Comments :
Contour in purple and blue. Also used in brows, lips, and around cracks in the face.
Artist Comments :
Works great for skin that is not intended to move. Flakes around the jawline and neck. Though with this look it worked.
Artist Comments :
ER-99 to deepen the cracks and inner eye.
Artist Comments :
Inner and outer eyes to deepen sockets.

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