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Agency: Artists by Timothy Priano (NY)

Kathy Aragon, daughter of a salon/spa owner, got her start working in the family's business. "I can't say when I first developed a passion for the beauty industry," says Aragon. "I think I was born into it." From a young age, Aragon proved a jack-of-all trades, mastering hairstyling, coloring, makeup, skincare and even marketing and advertising for her family's business. Aragon quickly realized her skills were more than just a way to help family - they were the beginning of a more focused career.

Aragon is an accomplished makeup and hair artist with more than a decade of professional experience for both broadcast, print media and red carpet appearances. Her work has appeared in outlets including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, CosmoGirl!, People and New York Magazine as well as HDTV appearances for media personalities and clients such as Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, CNN, HBO, MTV and more. She is a known and trusted name in the political and government circuit which has brought her in close contact to groom some of the world’s most powerful figures. She is also frequently tasked with styling both hair and makeup for an impressive list of celebrities including names like Demi Moore, America Ferrera, Ian Sommerhalder, and Betty White.

Today, Kathy maintains a reputation for being a team player who is able to achieve clean and beautiful looks on a fast-paced schedule. When she is not on set or getting celebrities ready in hotel rooms, you can find her touring internationally with “The Makeup Show”, educating peer artists on important techniques, current trends, and business marketing. Kathy Aragon has co-founded Loft 306, a fashion photography studio, along with her photographer husband Luis Aragon, where she hosts celebrated exclusive artist workshops.

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